Audience will probably change behavior, where going to intimate and crowdy club concerts will be considered against the risk of infection. The world has changed and the population pays attention to risk in a new way, either flu and colds or pandemics.

Consequently this will significantly affect the revenues for venues, promoters and artists.

Launching Munin liveĀ“s solution offers a unique solution in a cost-effective and innovative way, givingĀ the consumer the opportunity to participate in a concert interactively and through livestream, to their own device.
Communication with the focus on capturing and transmitting energy, sound and light and the feeling of being at a concert.

Through the use of technology, adding this to the planned concerts, we create a sustainable solution where the entire music business is involved. No extra costs for artists or venues, up to date options for increased revenues, and a unique way to stay in touch with the fans.

Munin.live is an alternative to the real live concert experience –

  • for groups that do not want to expose themselves to the risk of infection.
  • for shows that are either sold out or where ticket sales are too low.
  • when the accessibility for the public is out of geographical reach

In these cases, customers of live music and artists are given opportunities to compensate or increase revenues.

The availability of the live streaming service is geotagged and will therefore be no competitor for the regular ticket sales.

Munin.live provide a win-win situation for both fans of live music, artists, promotors, venues and artist organizers.