A global platform for music, regardless of borders and music styles

Created and fully adapted to the music industry, focusing on promotion, communication, fair trade and sustainability.

Unique remuneration model, based on subscription revenues, and a return larger that 52% to the collaborators. A backend, production and promotion team supporting every single content, to the very best for the collaborators.

Facilitator and a place for manage new revenue streams, no paid promotion or algorithms decreasing the chance to explore new music.

Made for all professional and ambitious artists, a place for hybrid events, hot news, VOD and unique content like clinics, rig rundowns. aims to be the ultimate place for fans who care about music, and the best place to move them by your unique content.

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The more business like side of Munin

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next arrow presents Hybrid events, fan-oriented content and expanded knowledge of artists and the music industry.  

Hybrid concerts are created easily, cost-effectively and with high quality delivered through our network of established and reputable venues and partners, around the world.  

Purchase digital tickets for hybrid concerts, check out news and updates on our web, or get full access through a subscription. provides a unique remuneration model, and more than 52% of the monthly subscription revenues, are returned to the contributors.  

No one can pay bills with likes and views.  
People who care about fair trade coffee deserve a place for fair trade music…


Every morning as the day breaks at dawn, Munin and Hugin fly out into the world.
They fly over both Asgard and Midgard, see and hear all of what’s happening and being said.
At the end of the day, they bring back to Odin what they had witnessed, sit on Odin’s shoulders
and whisper into Odin’s ear what they have seen and heard, from both men and gods.
Thereby, Odin becomes the wisest and most knowledgeable of the gods.

This legend from Norse history fully encapsulates our vision for music lovers everywhere. 

How so? Subscribers of will be offered a dazzling view of what is happening worldwide, far beyond both Midgard and Åsgard. As fans of live music they can become among the wisest and most enlightened, from the comfort of their own homes.