Munin.live is an independent platform, founded by people with a passion for music and years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to give artists and fans a place to connect – with a focus on music, content, and interaction.

The main features of our service are live streaming of your shows, sales of digital tickets, subscription-only video on demand, and original live music productions. 

We are dedicated to high-quality audio and video, rock-solid technology and optimized revenue, with stable, performant delivery to the most popular app and web platforms.

Sharing music for free should end. Every player in the music industry needs to focus on sustainability to ensure that their intellectual property is being monetized.

Munin.live works across the entire business. Every part of the business chain is covered and involved in the remuneration. Our main aim is to enhance quality, revenues and activity through value creation and development with a worldwide distribution.

Content from artists, industry professionals, record companies, studios and other interested parties in the music industry can generate revenue and business by having a unified platform for live music.

We believe that medium-sized artists will benefit from a central platform to promote their content – a service that will give them an immediate return on investment and avoid giving up valuable content for an uncertain future benefit.

The artist is the most important player in the entertainment industry – without the artist, there is no entertainment. The economics of the industry needs to be reshaped with this in mind, and we believe we have an important role to play.

These days, live streaming can really vary – from low quality audio and video, all the way up to the highest definition. We aim to solve this common problem whenever a live stream has to be produced and marketed – are there working light rigs? Is there an audience in the hall? Is there a separate sound mix? Is there a chat function? Are there additional cameras?

To solve this, we produce what we call hybrid concerts. We capture the live experience in a venue and give people who can’t be there an opportunity to participate. This opportunity becomes an opportunity for venues, artists and other players to reach out to more people and generate revenue. It becomes a virtuous circle of innovation, return and sustainability in an industry under pressure.


Of course, audience behaviour has changed a lot due to the pandemic – crowded venues will be avoided by a lot of potential customers for the foreseeable future. This has significantly affected the revenue of venues, promoters, and artists. We offer a cost-effective and innovative solution, giving the concert-goer the opportunity to participate with their favourite artists, safely and immersively, on their own terms.

Our focus is on communication – we capture and transmit the sound, light and energy of a live concert. We follow up with a unique way to stay in touch with fans.

Munin.live offers a lucrative addition to the real live concert experience:

  • for sold-out shows
  • for people who can’t make it to the venue
  • for people worried about being infected by a virus

The availability of the live streaming service is geotagged. We take steps to ensure regular ticket sales are not impacted.

Munin.live provides a win-win situation for fans, artists, promotors, venues, and artist organizers. In turn this is advantageous to local crews: the guys who provide lighting, audio and video services.

To make all this possible, Munin.live connects with your venue and installs gear with two cameras, audio/video encoders and everything else you need to get set up for a hybrid concert – every night, 24/7. We can arrange digital ticket sales – you don’t have to worry about that side of things.
We believe in our clients and aim to build long-term relationships with them. Get in contact, ask us anything and let’s make this work!